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From our clients...

"Shout out to A Moment in Time Prenatal Imaging for being so patient with my baby (and anterior placenta) to make sure we brought home some good images of our little one! Our 30 minute session turned into nearly an hour, but I left beyond happy."
Alyssa Gibbs

"I am absolutely obsessed with this little girl already she’s perfect!

Thank you so much, A Moment in Time Prenatal Imaging for our 8K of our precious baby girl!"                                                                                                             Jordyn Gill


"Yesterday we were able to go see Ember Jane at A Moment in Time Prenatal Imaging! We always have such an amazing experience when we get to see our sweet baby girl! Technology is the coolest thing!"                                               Lauren Brattain

"Just got done at A Moment in Time Prenatal Imaging cannot wait to show the pictures of Miss Adley. Definitely recommend to all you mommy to be’s!!"
Sarah Bland


"We are having a GIRLLLLLL!!!

She was like a little roly poly in there while we watched, just flipping and wiggling

She gave us a great wave in photo 2

She has a strong heartbeat

She is so very loved already, our families were so excited to find out with us at

A Moment in Time Prenatal Imaging and our tech, Cathy, assured me it was evident she IS a she!"                                                                                Julia LaSage                                                                                                                                                         

"Today was special! We got to see our girl in 4D action with some of our friends and family at A Moment in Time Prenatal Imaging in Lake Charles! This place is 10/10!


She weighed in at 2.7lbs and has some hair that we could see! She doesn’t like to be poked (see top middle pic of her pitching a fit about it)! She opened her eyes a few times, grabbed her foot and then kept her hands around her face most of the time. She’s already pretty squished and we have 12 weeks left to go! We’re in love already and cannot wait for her to get here! Who does she look like to you guys?? 💕"                                                                                                                 Tanya Savant


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