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2D Image
2D or 2-dimensional images are traditional black and white images common to most people.  These images are what you primarily see at your doctor's office.  The are useful for measurements, seeing/hearing baby's heartbeat and visualizing abnormalities.


3D Image
3D or 3-dimensional images are renderings created when the sound waves produced by the ultrasound are redirected to the surface of the baby.  This allows us to visualize the outside of the baby and create a still image.

4D Image
4D or 4-dimensional images are 3D images in motion.  This creates a video of baby's movements.  You may see baby yawn, smile, suck his thumb or other facial expressions.

8K Image
8K images are the result of taking a 3D/HD image and converting it to a realistic photo of baby.  These images are not viewed during your session but rather created from your 3D/HD images after your session.  They can be added onto any 3D/4D/HD package.  

HD Image
HDLive or high definition images are produced by manipulating the 3D/4D images to create a much more realistic image of baby.

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